Tribes, Connections, Communities - The Alumni Link

Presented by Somerset Alumni Association

Thu 21 Oct 5:30pm

Price: $0.00 - $35.00

This particular session of the Words that Heal series, generously sponsored by the Somerset Alumni Association, will focus primarily on of the power of Tribes. As human beings we gravitate towards our own tribe whether that be a community, a sports club or simply a group of likeminded people. Tribes, people, connections provide us with the oxygen with which to live and to thrive. One such tribe is the Alumni Association where alumnus rediscover connection to an educational institution and to a particular club, the Wordsmiths Creative Writing Club, where he or she was given the opportunity to explore untapped potential, free from restrictions. This performance will celebrate the stories of our Wordsmith Alumni over the last 25 years and bring together once-were adolescents, now mature people, and still adolescents, just out of school, all proud alumni of Somerset, to celebrate the role that words have played in shaping their lives. These alumni will provide context for their work and either sing or perform their verse. This will be a work across the ages.

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