Community History

Our Community History is a vital part of our growth as it gives us insights into our past and has helped shape our identity. The past activities of Somerset include stories from Alumni, photographs, papers and records that were once used day-to-day, and other memorabilia from time gone by.

The Alumni Association is excited to offer the Somerset Alumni Find My Photo. Whether you have memories as a past student/staff member at Somerset College, or simply want to see if there are any photographs from back in the day. Simply fill out the following form and we will help find the photo/s you are looking for. 

These accounts of our Community History can only remain current through the contributions from Alumni-past, present and future.

If you would like to share your story or donate any memorabilia (such as uniforms, photographs, or awards), please contact us and we will organise their safe arrival. Likewise, if you have a specialised talent or skill you would like to contribute to the future of our College (for example, calligraphy, painting, woodwork and so forth), please contact us with how you would like to be involved!