The Alumni Scholarship

Presented annually at Scholars’ Day, the Alumni Association recognises the achievements of one female and male graduating student who has demonstrated a genuine commitment to College life across several areas. In doing this, the Association awards The Alumni Scholarship valued at $3,000 to both students, to assist financially with their transition to tertiary study.

In considering the recipient, the Scholarship Selection Panel will consider whether the applicants have demonstrated:

  • A commitment to their studies; 
  • A significant involvement in House activities; and
  • A significant involvement in Co-curricular activities.

Application Process for The Alumni Scholarship

Stage 1 - Application

Eligible students must submit this Student’s Application Form by the Closing Date and must address all applicable selection criteria. The application should be supported by appropriate documentation.

Stage 2 - Shortlist Determination

All applications are received by The Alumni Scholarship Selection Panel, who will consider the applications on their merit and determine which students will be shortlisted for interview.

Stage 3 - Shortlist Interviews

Only those applicants who have been shortlisted for interview will be contacted and provided with an interview time. Failure to attend this interview without valid reason may result in your application being withdrawn.

Stage 4 - Recipient Determination

After the shortlist interviews, The Alumni Scholarship Selection Panel will confer and determine the final recipient of The Alumni Scholarship for this year.

Stage 5 - Valedictory Dinner Announcement

The recipient of The Alumni Scholarship will be announced at the Valedictory Dinner.

Stage 6 - Scholars’ Day Presentation

The Alumni Scholarship will be presented at Scholars’ Day.

Stage 7 - Next Year's Report and/or Attendance

The recipient of The Alumni Scholarship must, in the year following their receipt of the Scholarship:

  • Provide a written report to The Alumni Association detailing the impact and effect that receipt of The Alumni Scholarship has had on them; and
  • Where practicable and if invited by the Somerset Alumni Association, be a guest speaker at a Somerset College event (the event to be determined by The Somerset Alumni Association).