Our Committee

The Somerset Alumni Association is governed by the Somerset Alumni Association Committee. Our committee consists of a group of up to fifteen nominated members who meet quarterly, to give their ongoing support to the Alumni Association and are committed to its continued involvement with the College. This includes planning Alumni events and exploring new ways for the Alumni Association to strengthen our links with the College and with current students.

Somerset Alumni Association Committee

Sally Leslie (Class of 1992, Somerset Alumni Association President)

Sian Daniel (Class of 2004, Immediate Past President)

Emma Thompson (Committee Secretary)

Nick Richards (Class of 2003, Vice President)

Kylie Sherrington (Treasurer)

Craig Bassingthwaighte (Headmaster)

John Bacon (Dean of Admissions)

Grant Peel (Class of 2014, Association Member)

Laurelei Jennings (Class of 1996, Committee Member)

Matthew Atkins-Smith (Class of 2004, Committee Member) 

Rhys Christy (Class of 2004, Committee Member) 

Samantha Brodar (Class of 2011, Committee Member) 

Meghan Rooney (Class of 2018, Committee Member)

Interested in joining the Somerset Alumni Committee?

We're always excited to hear from Alumni who would like to help shape the future of the Somerset Alumni Association! 

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