Starting the Alumni Journey

At the end of each year, Somerset students farewell their fellow peers who are completing Year 12 and transitioning into the next stage of their journey. At the same time, the Alumni Association welcome these same Year 12 students as official members of the Somerset Alumni Association!

In previous years, the Association Welcome Gift was a framed photograph of the Year 12 cohort. Now the Association Welcome Gift is a high-quality, heavy-duty and crystal-clear acrylic block providing an elegant canvas to feature the Year 12 cohort photo. These gifts are engraved with the graduation year, Alumni crest, and Somerset College crest.

The Association Welcome Gift is gifted to the Year 12 students each year at the Valedictory Dinner, which is a magnificent evening for graduating students and their families. The night is enjoyed reflecting on students' happiest days at Somerset and a final time for the cohort to be together before they join their fellow graduates in the Alumni Association.