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Celebration of Entrepreneurship

Festival Highlights

There are various highlights of the Celebration of Entrepreneurship.

The Somerset Alumni Association Pitch Competition 2020

Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 October

As part of the 2020 Somerset Celebration of Entrepreneurship, students in the Senior School have the opportunity to participate in the Somerset Alumni Association Pitch Competition.

During the course, students will work in teams (of approximately six students) with Nick Richards (K10 Consulting) and other Australian entrepreneurs to transform a business idea into a thriving commercial entity.

Mentoring support will be provided by alumnus Nick Richards to help the winning team with this startup process.

Visit the Alumni Pitch Competition page.

Entrepreneur Sessions

Tuesday 13 to Wednesday 14 October

The student sessions allow children from Prep to Year 12 from schools in Queensland and Northern New South Wales to meet a range of entrepreneurs. The exciting sessions and performances encourage children to view entrepreneurship as a viable career path.

Kidpreneur Precinct

Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 October

Somerset College’s Year 6 students will steal the show at the Celebration of Entrepreneurship in the Kidpreneur Precinct where they will sell their handmade products and services created with a $50 budget. Somerset College thanks Creel Price and the team at Kidpreneur for their support of this initiative.

Years 9 Business Stalls

Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 October

Somerset College’s Year 9 students have been tasked with challenge of feeding the masses at the 2020 Celebration of Entrepreneurship. Students have researched the target market and developed products to tempt the taste buds of festival attendees with production costs limited to $120.

Synergies Exhibition

Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 October

Each year during the festival, Somerset College showcases the work of our aspiring artists, engineers, film makers and media experts at the Synergies Exhibition held in the new Design Centre located in the Towers Quad. The exhibition showcases what can be achieved when students use design thinking to solve problems in the modern world.