Parent Masterclass Series

Our world is becoming increasingly uncertain, and we know entrepreneurs are the masters of uncertainty. How can our businesses become more entrepreneurial in the ways in which they operate?

In this Masterclass Series, Somerset’s Entrepreneur in Residence, Baden U’Ren, demystifies entrepreneurship and innovation, shining light on a set of frameworks and strategies to help you and your business be more successful in times of uncertainty.

The Series consists of three Masterclasses, gradually building on one another to deliver a consolidated understanding. Each Masterclass stands alone, however together they provide a deeper insight. 

Come to one, or all three! You will leave with a set of actionable frameworks to implement in your own organisations. These masterclasses are free for the Somerset Parent Community.

Each masterclass runs from 3.45pm to 5.45pm in Smith 2.4 Somerset College.

Masterclass One Tuesday 11 October 2022
Entrepreneurial Risk Taking
Entrepreneurs are not just lucky risk takers, they have a way of thinking, reasoning and acting which gives them a strategic advantage when uncertainty abounds. Our world is becoming increasingly uncertain, and so understanding the entrepreneurial method is essential for success in business. You will emerge from this masterclass with a set of frameworks to practice, implement, and make your actions more entrepreneurial.

Masterclass Two Tuesday 18 October 2022
Challenges of Growth
Like all organic entities, organisations develop and grow in a set of recognisable stages. At each stage, the organisation faces a different set of challenges. Foreknowledge of these challenges empowers business leaders to be proactive in how they choose to grow their organisations. You will emerge from this masterclass with clarity and insight into the challenges you will face, and strategies to address them.

Masterclass Three Tuesday 25 October 2022
The Entrepreneurial Organisation
As organisations grow, the business begins to become distinct from the founder or founding team. This separation is a critical inflection point for organisations, often resulting in setback and even failure. There are choices to be made in how to enable growth through this inflection point: the big question is how to remain entrepreneurial while the organisation becomes more professional. You will emerge from this masterclass with knowledge of the fundamental enablers of an entrepreneurial organisation, and a framework to help you implement them in your organisation.