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Celebration of Entrepreneurship

Alisha Geary

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Alisha Geary — a Bond University student — is taking her Indigenous art inspiration into the world of business with a new line of active wear.

She first had the idea as one of 40 Indigenous students acting as tour guides for Australia’s largest private collection of Indigenous art on public display, Corrigan Walk, housed at Bond.

Alisha, who is studying business and law, wanted to bring the vibrant colours and energy of this art to a fashion market better known for its drab dark colours and bland greys.

She saw the potential for these designs to carve out a new niche in the $2 billion activewear industry, while also introducing Indigenous art to a broader audience.

That’s where the university’s accelerator program came in, helping her to create her company, Faebella.

Bond Business Accelerator provided support and expertise to help her develop the early stage of the business in an intensive 12-week start-up boot camp.

After the experience, she rolled out the first line of luxury sportswear, now available for sale.

Needing to juggle study with a new business has been challenging. But she says it’s the passion for the project, as well as the confidence she gained through her degree and the university’s accelerator program, that has turned her vision into a business.