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Celebration of Entrepreneurship

John Surie

2018 - CofE - John Surie

Born in New Jersey, Dr. John, together with his wife Natalie Surie, have three children, Sydney, Skylar and Saxon Surie. Dr. John is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractor (D.C.) in the United States of America since 1997 and Australia since 2015. He works with celebrities, elite athletes, and families to achieve maximum lifestyle performance and vitality.

Currently Dr. John is actively practicing chiropractic in Australia and focuses on his growing family as well as the contribution and growth opportunities that Fire Shaper offers to our communities. Dr John is a sought after transformational speaker offering experiences ranging from business mindset coaching, extraordinary living, spiritual growth, and the art of living a fulfilled life.

Currently, Dr John has nine Fire Shaper hot yoga studios worldwide across New York and Queensland Australia. Fire Shaper, the company that operates the yoga studios, currently holds two Franchise Opportunities with one in America and one here in Australia. He and his wife have worked together to create many businesses across a wide range of passions. In 2002 Dr John created a company called Australian Beauty Secrets which provided organic skin care products marketed to both men and women. The company grew successfully and was eventually sold. Dr John has opened three Chiropractic Practices in which two were sold and he currently actively practices part-time in the third. In 2004 Dr John and a partner opened a company called Cool Down Fire Up which provided high grade cooling vests to the military, professional athletes, large corporations and individual owners. Cool Down Fire Up is still in operation today under another trade name as Dr John successfully sold his interest in the company to expand other passions.

Dr John has spent the last 10 years mentoring with some of the top personal development teachers and business coaches in the world. In 2012-2013 he travelled around the world with Tony Robbins as a member in his elite platinum partnership and has since studied with gurus, teachers, coaches and successful entrepreneurs learning what they know and implementing what they are great at doing.

From the age of 12, Dr. John has been training in the Martial Arts and has been teaching steadily since the age of 16. Trained primarily in Hapkido, Dr. John has also trained extensively in USA Goju, Kung Fu, Judo, and Shaolin Chin Na. He combines his decades of knowledge, experience and practice to create life enhancing experiences in and amongst his businesses and passionate pursuits.

“It’s the martial arts and my yoga practice that has moulded who I am today. It’s the development of discipline, vision, action, and the patience to look deep within that has created a hunger and personal power to grow, to love and to contribute beyond myself.” - Dr John