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Celebration of Entrepreneurship

Tiah Goldstein

2018 - cofe - Tiah Goldstein

Tiah Goldstein has over 25 years of international experience in the design, delivery, co-ordination, and evaluation of programs and processes, in the fields of leadership, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, organisational change, professional development, and personal development.

In the past seven years, Tiah has created and facilitated action-based entrepreneurial educational programs for the non-profit and private sectors. She also has facilitated many of the Startup Apprentice programs and has acted as a mentor to the Gold Coast Mayor technology awards, startup weekend and ilab.

Her expertise in mentoring at startup weekends is the big picture strategy areas and customer discovery/ validation process. Her favourite fruit is mango and she is allergic to incense.

Tiah is Israeli, Canadian and Australian and has lived in five different countries. This diverse cultural background provides Tiah with an innate ability to find common ground and connect with a wide diversity of individuals and organisations, as well as providing Tiah with a deeper understanding of the strengths of each culture and how they contribute towards building a strong resilient entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.

Tiah’s current focus is on contributing to the development and growth of entrepreneurship and innovation within local communities, currently Queensland's Gold Coast.