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Women in A.I. Breakfast

Women in AI

Join us for a Women in A.I. Breakfast to discuss just how artificial intelligence (A.I.) will transform the future of work and in particular healthcare - and just how important it is that we have women equally involved in A.I. to have the female perspective present in the code.

Friday 12 October, 7.00am to 8.30am

The Ray Building Dining Room, Somerset College

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For a long time, it has been claimed that the jobs for children of today have not yet been invented. We can predict with certainty that there will be many jobs in the field of AI in the future – and this future, as you’ll hear from those working in the field, is arriving now. Women only make up a small minority in the AI field – as few as 13% - and this has the potential to have a huge impact for all of society. We’re not going to change this statistic overnight, but we can start with events just like this and encouraging girls to take an interest in this vital area for the future.

We’re passionate about this and would love for girls to join us for breakfast, to hear firsthand just what it means to work in AI and how it is impacting and transforming some of the traditional jobs, such as doctors and health professionals. We strongly believe it is equally important for parents to hear this message alongside their daughters, and so invite parents to also attend.

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