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Jim Knight Coaching Institute2018

"When teachers stop learning so do students. What is your approach to coaching?"

Jim Knight

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Instructional Coaching Workshops delivered by Jim Knight

Dr Jim Knight (1998 Ph.D., University of Kansas. 1984 M.A., University of Ottawa., 1983 B.A., University of Ottawa, [Honours]) is coming to conduct workshops at Somerset College.

Jim Knight is the world’s best when it comes to Intensive Instructional Coaching and his work in this area captures the heart and soul of the essence of 21st Century Learning. Jim is a senior research associate at KUCRL and director of the Kansas Coaching Project. He has spent close to two decades studying professional learning and instructional coaching. He has served as the principal investigator of grants and contracts totally nearly $30 million all devoted to the study of professional learning and instructional coaching. He has written or co-authored many books on the topic.

According to Dr Knight:

  • The measure of success for coaching is improvement in student achievement and wellbeing;
  • Coaching is a partnership activity with teachers, where teachers’ voices shape coaching;
  • Partnering with teachers is essential to make improvements by helping them get a clear picture of reality, set goals, and identify teaching strategies that will help them hit their goals.
  • Coaching is dialogical, so instructional coaches share ideas, but they share them in a way that encourages other opinions.


These workshops have not previously been offered within Australia. There will be a workshop for "School Leaders" and another for potential instructional coaches.

Both courses promise to be ground breaking from the perspective of what school leaders and instructional coaches need to know about effective coaching; such an integral facet of the 21st Century learning model. Participants will leave these courses with practical and sustainable knowledge about how to create, consolidate and sustain effective coaching models in their schools.

In an attempt to ensure as many colleagues as possible are able to participate, we have kept fees at a cost only price.

Please take the time to review the flyers and consider sending curriculum leaders and/or teachers who may be interested in enhancing the teaching mode in your schools to enable “every student to receive excellent instruction every day in every class."