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Week 3, Term One, 2019

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On Saturday 9 February 23 members of the 1st XV squad and staff joined forces with Gold Coast Legacy to deliver some Community and Service to those in need. Yvonne Wigget, a 79 year old widow from Mudgeeraba lost her war veteran husband in 2002 and has since struggled to maintain her leafy property in Mudgeeraba.

Cue the Somerset 1st XV and their muscle, determination and persistence. For five hours the 23 strong team, along with Craig and Peter from legacy chopped, hacked, raked, wheelbarrowed and lifted five tonne of green waste to transform Yvonne’s property from a virtual rainforest into a much more open and easily maintained yard.

The 32 degree heat and high humidity proved a tough slog but the boys worked themselves to a standstill. Even Mr Walker shed three kilograms in the process, which he himself said, “...was an added bonus”.

Radio host, Flan from Hot Tomato was the neighbour who benefitted most from the clearing out of Yvonne’s backyard as now his property has a clear view to the ranges in the west. A reporter from Channel 9 also visited the property later in the day to film and interview some of the boys hard at work.

At the completion of the day Yvonne spoke to the boys about how appreciative she was and that for 20 plus years the maintenance of the property virtually went untouched. Fighting back tears, she thanked the boys for all their hard work, which was an extremely touching and poignant moment.

The experience was a truly humbling one for all involved and the satisfaction gained through giving something for nothing in return is a feeling I encourage all our students to experience. Congratulations to the 1st XV squad on a job well done!

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