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2016 Gold Coast Primary Teams Chess Finals




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Week 9,
Term Three, 2016

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Last Wednesday 80 Somerset students participated in the Gold Coast Primary Teams Finals at Carrara Basketball Stadium out of well over 600 participants.

Only 12 teams of four players made it into the premier grade, and two of these were from Somerset College, finishing 1st and 3rd. Congratulations to the winning team Oliver Yang, Jason Li, Eason Wang and Lyanna Chan, scoring 23 from a possible 28 points. The third placed team comprised Jennifer Yeung, Charlie Liu, Michael Dobroskok and Melody Yang scoring 18.5/28. Oliver, Charlie and Eason won their respective board prizes. This was an outstanding effort for all concerned, and thanks also to their coach Shaun Curtis. 12 teams, 48 players.

Other grades:

  • A Grade: Somerset teams came first (Nikita Rubis, Anson Qu, Ashton Heydenrych and William Burns) on 19.5/28 and second (Sophia Ahern, Amon Watanabe, Aaron Lim and Aarav Rawlley) on 18.5/28. Nikita and Anson finished equal 4th in this grade on 5.5/7. 22 teams, 71 players.
  • B Grade: Somerset 1st (Kakeru Adachi, Kenny Ming, Xavier McMullen and Eden Dovrat) on 22/28. Kakeru finished 1st outright in this grade on 6.5/7. 17 teams, 67 players.
  • C Grade: Somerset teams came 2nd, 5th and 7th. Lachlan Hartley was Somerset’s best with 5.5/7. 22 teams, 79 players.
  • D Grade: Somerset teams came 6th and 8th. 25 teams, 86 players.
  • E Grade: Somerset’s best in this grade finished 6th, with Jack Newman scoring 5.5/7. 30 teams, 103 players.
  • F Grade: No notable performances in this grade. 31 teams, 106 players.
  • G Grade: No notable performances in this grade. 21 teams, 65 players.

Full results are shown at this link here. For the higher divisions, this includes ratings performances. These are an indication of playing strength in comparison with about 3,000 Queensland juniors on the list.

Somerset now will have two teams in each of four divisions at the State Finals: Secondary Open, Secondary Girls, Junior Open and Junior Girls. The girls’ competition is scheduled for Friday 14 October at Loreto College, and the open for Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October at Anglican Church Grammar School.


The September Queensland Junior Ratings List has just been released, and can be seen at this link here. The best Somerset performers on this list which covers the last two months are:

  • Anson Qu - +81 (694)
  • Eason Wang - +77 (994)
  • Nikita Rubis - +60 (758)
  • Oliver Yang - +55 (1316)
  • Kenny Ming - +51 (587)
  • Hikaru Oka - +30 (1499)
  • Marcus Ware - +27 (708)
  • Sascha Von Papen - +26 (769)
  • Alex Taylor-Girdler - +23 (727)
  • Charlie Liu - +21 (816)

Upcoming Events

There are plenty of great opportunities for keen Somerset Chess players coming up.

If your child doesn’t get enough Chess at Somerset during school time, there is always the Gold Coast South after-school club at the Mudgeeraba Foundation Hall on Thursdays from 4.30 to 6.30pm during school terms.

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