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2016 Netball Dinner and Presentation




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Week 6,
Term Three, 2016

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Our Annual Netball Dinner and Awards night was held last week in The Great Hall with our netballers, parents and special guests enjoying the season successes. Each team presented some very entertaining speeches debriefing their season and highlighting their season experiences.

Special guest for the evening was Australian Netball Legend, Vicki Wilson, who entertained us all with her informative, inspirational, fun interview conducted by our own Sinead Kelly.

Sinead Kelly interviews netball legend Vicki Wilson.

Recognition and thanks went to long-serving volunteer of Somerset, Carla Cerutti, for her time, dedication, and support to the Somerset Netball Programme.

As part of the Major Awards, five of our Year 12s and Senior 1st players, Xanthe Cerutti, Chelsea Blauberg, Manon Chamberlain, Cristina Vinaccia and Sinead Kelly were recognised for their dedication, commitment and service to Somerset Netball. The girls individually spoke with admiration and gratitude to their coach Mrs Burns for all she has done for them, on and off the court.

Major Award Winners for 2016

  • Somerset College Junior Up and Coming Player - Jorga Otto
  • Somerset College Junior Player of the Year - Claudia Crimmins
  • The Somerset College Junior Spirit of Netball Medal - Giorgi Cornford
  • Somerset College Netball Academy (Most Improved Player) - Brieanna Bischof
  • Somerset College Netball Academy Cup (Best Player) - Kirsty Brodbeck
  • Somerset College Intermediate Up and Coming Player - Natalie Blauberg
  • Somerset College Intermediate Player of the Year - Rylee Burns
  • The Somerset College Intermediate Spirit of Netball Medal - Candice Taylor, Jacinta Mai
  • Somerset College Senior Up and Coming Player - Erin Crough-Heaton
  • Somerset College Senior Player of the Year - Sinead Kelly
  • The Somerset College Senior Spirit of Netball Medal - Jessica Hossy
  • The QISSN CUP Most Valuable Player - Rylee Burns
  • Cerutti Cup - Xanthe Cerutti

Huge thanks to Xanthe Cerutti and Cristina Vinnaccia who did a fantastic job MCing the evening. Also thanks to Valerie Fang for her IT support during the evening.

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