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2017 Netball Dinner and Presentation




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Week 8, Term Three, 2017

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Our annual Netball Dinner and Awards night was held last week in the Great Hall with over 200 netballers, parents, staff and special guests enjoying the evening. Each team delivered some entertaining and inspiring speeches before heading into a Q and A netball quiz and the Major Awards.

Congratulations to all Award winners and a huge thank you to all students for their commitment to netball this season, as well as the parents, coaches and teachers for giving up your valuable time to make 2017 such a success.

Major Award Winners for 2017

Alexandra Halloran - Somerset College Junior Up and Coming Player
Lucy Millar - Somerset College Junior Player of the Year
Belle Toohey, Alice Jones - The Somerset College Junior Spirit of Netball Medal
Diaz Henry - Somerset College Netball Academy - Most Improved Player
Jemma Clements - Somerset College Netball Academy Cup - Best Player
Brooke Otto - Somerset College Intermediate Up and Coming Player
Jenna Goldie - Somerset College Intermediate Player of the Year
Stevie Olarenshaw - The Somerset College Intermediate Spirit of Netball Medal
Lilly McComb - The Somerset College Intermediate Spirit of Netball Medal
April McMullen - Somerset College Senior Up and Coming Player
Rylee Burns - Somerset College Senior Player of the Year
Mackenzie O’Sullivan - The Somerset College Senior Spirit of Netball Medal
Rylee Burns - The QISSN CUP - Most Valuable Player
Rylee Burns, 2017 QISSN All Stars Team - QISSN Recognition Award
Madizen Wilkins, 2017 QISSN Rising Stars Team - QISSN Recognition Award
Alexandra Harris - Cerutti Cup
Alexandra Harris, Ashlyn Taylor, Brieanna Bischof - Netball Service Award - Recognition of Commitment and Service to the Open A Netball Team
Open A Netball Team - 2017 Best Team Award

  • Ali Harris – Captain

  • Brieanna Bischof

  • Ashlyn Taylor

  • Madizen Wilkins

  • Kirsty Brodbeck

  • Erin Crough-Heaton

  • Natalie Blauberg

  • Rylee Burns

  • Sara Dann

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