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Week 5, Term Three, 2018

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We had 30 Somerset College students participated in the 40 Hour Backpack Challenge, Wednesday 8 August. The Challenge gave students the opportunity to experience in a small way, a day in the life of a refugee, living out of a backpack.

Participants were required to store food, clothing and other necessities in their backpack and live off these bare essentials for 40 hours. All of the proceeds made were donated to World Vision.

After setting up our sleeping bags and getting ready for the evening ahead, we started off the afternoon with a Colour Run. Armed in white t-shirts and swimming goggles, we prepared to be covered in coloured powder thrown at us by Year 11 IB students, Miss Capper and Mrs Walker, as we ran laps of the oval all in the name of charity.

Following dinner, we had the privilege of watching a live debate between the Somerset Opens Debating teams titled, Refugees Deserve Better From Us. A very relevant topic and a hard-fought debate as both teams delivered convincing arguments. Congratulations Somerset 1, winners of the debate.

One of the highlights of the evening was a poetry workshop presented by Trudi and Uni from the Wordsmiths Committee. Breaking into groups, students were given a small time frame to construct a poem that reflects life as a refugee. It was amazing to listen to and reflect on each poem presented to the group and students perspective of what life might be like for a refugee.

Following the workshop, Valerie and Kurt (Committee Captains) organised a variety of fun group activities whereby each game required team work, communication, trust and participation. It was a great way to bond with students from all year levels and learn a bit more about each other.

Thank you to all the staff and students involved in making this challenge possible. A special thank you to Mr Walker and Miss Capper for co-ordinating the evening and putting up with some chatter well into the night.

“What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude” – Brene Brown

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