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A Taste of the Gold Coast Film Fest for Students



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    Week 10, Term One, 2019

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    Year 10 Media Arts students were taken on an excursion during Week 10 to view two films at HOTA (Home of The Arts) as part of the Gold Coast Film Festival, 2019. When we arrived, we were directed through Door 3, and were shown to our seats in a vast theatre.

    The first film, Inventing Tomorrow (2018), followed the conventions of documentary filmmaking and was directed by Laura Nix, an award winning filmmaker awarded the Sundance Institute/Discovery impact fellowship in 2017. The second film, Tito and the Birds, was an animation directed by Gustavo Steinberg who has produced six feature films, directed two and written the screenplay for four movies since 1995. The film was an engaging experience about the story of four groups of adolescents from four different cultures, all competing in the Intel ISEF (a globally recognised science competition in Los Angeles).

    Following the viewing, movie critic and GCFF Programmer Rich Haridy, gave an insightful discussion about movie critiquing. We listened and engaged in discussion about how to successfully critique moving image media.

    Tito and the Birds (2018) is an animated Portuguese film about a boy, Tito, living in a dystopian world, overrun with fear. This fear became an epidemic, infecting the population. Tito has to embark on a journey, to find the antidote once his mother and friend become infected. Viewers are taken on an exciting adventure, filled with vibrant colours and artistic textures and is must see for viewers who appreciate the fine art of filmmaking. The excursion concluded with a lecture from Like a Photon, a Brisbane based children’s content creation studio, about the animation film industry and how to develop a pitch that would catch an investor or distributors eye!

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