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Week 4,
Term Four, 2016

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Recently, some very talented public speakers from Years 5 to 11, represented Somerset College at the annual AB Paterson Public Speaking Competition. This popular event allows students to compete against other speakers from all over the coast.

The standard is extremely high and judges always have a difficult task choosing two or three participants in the heat to go through to the qualifying finals. I am pleased to report that we had 28 students who made it to the next round, the Preliminary Finals.

Harrison Hall

Year 5

  • Georgia Daly
  • Phoenix Kyaw
  • Belle Toohey
  • Mia Huang
  • Benjamin Major
  • Geraint Evans
  • Ashlee Park

Year 6

  • Lara Culleton
  • Phoebe Ross
  • Charlie Liu
  • Lauren Mitnovetsky
  • Karma Bathols

Year 7

  • Harrison Hall
  • Jacob Hall
  • Eva Wingrove
  • Paris Torti
  • Jack Taylor
  • Brianne Major
  • André Vasquez
  • Ella Kirk
  • Helena Hagan

Year 8

  • Desmond Chuah
  • Georgina Powell
  • Mohnish Chand

Year 10

  • Kirsty Brodbeck
  • Charlotte Roche

Year 11

  • Crystal Paris
  • Ashraf Docrat

Congratulations to the following students who then proceeded to the Grand Finals:

  • Year 5 - Phoenix Kyaw
  • Year 6 - Lara Culleton
  • Year 7 - Harrison Hall, Eva Wingrove, Paris Torti, Jacob Hall
  • Year 8 - Desmond Chuah, Georgina Powell, Mohnish Chand
  • Year 10 - Kirsty Brodbeck, Charlotte Roche
  • Year 11 - Ashraf Docrat

I am pleased to announce that Harrison Hall won the Year 7 competition and Georgina Powell came third in the Year 8 competition.

Also, these outstanding presentations from Years 5 to 7 gained us the Primary Aggregate/Overall Winner in the competition for the second year running.

Well done to all our public speakers.

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