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Week 3, Term Three, 2020

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While our students in the recent Athletics Carnivals were running around the track; our livestream of the events was being streamed and viewed around the world. Following the three Inter-House Athletics Carnivals, we have live-streamed to more than 5,000 viewers, with many viewers tuning in to watch the stream from overseas.

Our athletes provided great moments, rivalry, memories and records that we were able to share. From our very youngest in Pre-Prep, competing in their first sprints, to our Year 12s, competing in their final events. With up to three cameras providing feeds to choose from at any time, the challenge was often which event to share.

What initially started as our response to COVID and the need for these events being spectator free, has now turned into something more. We have received some many messages of thanks from parents that would have been unable to have attended and that now could watch – be it working parents, parents working away from home, grandparents living inter-state or internationally. Our location list included viewers from Sri Lanka, United States, Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, Greece, India and so many more. Its been a first of its kind but certainly will not be the last of its kind.

Special thanks go to our camera operators over the various days. They walked many kilometres, and in some cases, ran alongside athletes over the days to try to capture the best views of our athletes across a range of activities. Certainly, we learned that the two more challenging events to try to capture on camera in a live stream are 17+ Javelin, where watching the camera too much could be disastrous and no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to pan the camera fast enough, and the Pre-Prep Egg and Spoon relay – trying to keep track of who was still going and where on the track was real challenge.

Thanks also to Mr Phil Shapcott and Mr Grant Peel for their experience and expertise with and their set up of all the livestreaming technology and production over multiple days, mixing different camera feeds and overlaying with information to add context to our viewers. Our guest commentators and interviewers, James and Brooke, our Senior School Sports Captains, both did an amazing job.

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