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Week 5, Term Two 2017

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Last Tuesday one of the ‘Big 3’ APS carnivals was held at Runaway Ray sports grounds. With all Somerset students from our newest cross country recruits at 9 years of age right through to our open teams competing against the 7 other APS schools.

We take great pride in the attitude and fitness of our students and this year’s team did nothing to change the coach’s attitude.

It is often said that the APS is the best co-educational sporting competition in the state. Today's racing certainly supports that view.

The highlights of the day started with our youngest competitors racing over 1500m, our 9 Yr Boys team were successful in winning the age group with podium finishes by Raiden Kyaw in 3rd place and Darcy Halloran coming 2nd. Next up the 10 Yr Girls racing over 2km, also won their team event led by Marley Burns in 2nd place. Our 10 Boys managed a hard fought 2nd. Overall our junior school boys team gained 2nd place overall and the in the junior school overall aggregate trophy Somerset placed 4th.

A fantastic effort for all competitors and coaches, Lauren Grocott, Brad Cates, Nat Nugent and Andrew Michael.

The senior school had a lot to live up to with a very nervous Shane Lunniss pacing and coaches Stephanie Oppermann and Candice McKenna warming up and psyching up the team. It ended up being a day for the girls demonstrating that if you come to training the results will follow. Overall the girls won their aggregate trophy led by an open girls win, led by Lauren Sprague in 2nd. Next the 16 Girls also won led by Jessica Cook in 3rd. Our 15 Girls gained 2nd, 14 Girls were 3rd and the 13 Girls came 1st.

Overall the senior school manages a fantastic 3rd place overall.

Cross Country running is a tough pursuit with races up to 6km the athletes did Somerset proud with not one athlete not giving 100%. It's nice to win but what's far more important is what you learn about yourself. I'm sure our runners now know that when confronted by discomfort and pain and fear of failure they know that they can dig deep and strive to always do their best.

All athletes should be very proud of their efforts. The APS is primarily a team event and we are only as good as our slowest runner and our slowest runners were fast. It's easy to run through pain when you are coming in the top few. Much harder to keep on trying when you are coming 20th, 30th or 40th. Those athletes know who they are and so do the coaches and we are all very proud. Well done Somerset! Bring on Athletics season!

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