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Week 3,
Term Three, 2016

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Last Saturday saw Somerset College hold its first combined Junior and Senior Athletics Carnival at our magnificent new Track and Field facility. It was fantastic to see our younger students competing side by side with our Senior School students, all striving to do their best for their House.

Athletics Carnivals are a great spectacle and a marvellous way for the College Community to come together and congratulate athletic endeavour.

Senior and Junior School Starkey House Captains, with the Headmaster, after taking out the Bassingthwaighte Cup!

We were all witness to some outstanding performances on the day. In one race, the first five broke the old record. That demonstrates what world class facilities (and a slight tail wind) can do. There were significant PBs on the day and a huge number of new College records, which is hardly surprising.

You will read more about outstanding individual performances elsewhere in Somerset Times however the real winners were those young boys and girls and stepped way outside their comfort zone to participate to the best of their ability. It is important never to lose sight of why we engage in such pursuits. While the ribbons or making the College representative team are a great reward, relatively few will achieve that honour.

The real goal of these major events is to build House spirit and a sense of purpose for the common good of the team. To strive through fear, adversity, and in some cases just plain old lack of natural ability (that was certainly my excuse at school) and to still give of your best. The lesson, that in life as in sport, we are often confronted by challenging obstacles. Unfamiliar environments where perceived failure may be a more likely prospect that winning, however success comes in many forms, as does winning.

On Saturday, I didn’t witness students practising task avoidance but rather a profound dedication to try their best and be content with the outcome regardless of the objective finishing place. The fact that so many young athletes give 100% in even ‘E” and ‘F” division 100m races filled me with more pride than all the record breakers.

Congratulations to every student who participated on Saturday.

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