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Week 8, Term Four, 2018

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On Friday 23 November, Somerset Tennis held their annual breakup barbeque. The festivities began at 4.30pm with a variety of on court games, loud music and parents mingling.

By 5.00pm all six of the courts were flooded with kids playing and the BBQ was running, hot cooking our 300 sausages and assorted meats thanks to The Meat Smiths.

The parents were ushered into the multi-purpose room around 5.30pm for the introduction of Somerset Tennis 2019. Lachlan Treacher and Luke Spanner presented 2019’s mission to the 60 parents in attendance and answered all and any questions they had. There was plenty of excitement for what’s to come.

After more games and mingling, it was time to gather all students, parents and staff to the multi-purpose room for a hilarious slideshow of what Somerset Tennis 2018 looked like. The slideshow concluded once everyone caught their breath or dried their eyes. The parent committee presented coaches Lachlan Treacher, Luke Spanner and Lachlan Yarwood with generous gifts and kind words as thanks for their efforts throughout the year.

It was well past the night's scheduled end, however there was plenty of energy left in the kids and one last game to be played. Every single parent, student and staff member joined in for the last game, using modified Red Balls, along with a modified court, everyone battled it out for the prestigious prize of a box of chocolates and bragging rights. In the end the parents were no match for the eager students and the final was between Ethan Stewart and Fynn Busuttin. In the end Fynn took the chocolates, literally, but instead of consuming a monthly dose of sugar in one night, they were hurled into the air for all the kids to share.

Overall the night was a tremendous success and a whole lot of fun however it wouldn’t have been as organized if our parent committee wasn’t behind the scenes ensuring everything was done. Thank you to everyone who attended, bring on 2019!

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