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Can Stress be a Good Thing for Children?



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    Week 1, Term Two, 2019

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    While parents attempt to ease stress for children, studies are debunking negative impacts to reveal normal everyday stress can be beneficial for students. See the excerpt below and click to read the full article, "Don’t worry about your child’s everyday stress. It may be helping", written by Jennifer Breheny Wallace published in The Washington Post 23 April.

    With reports of adolescent stress reaching epidemic proportions, concerned parents are left searching for ways to prevent or minimize pressure. But a growing number of psychologists are pushing back against the modern view that stress is wholly unwanted and unhealthy. While chronic or traumatic stress can be damaging, psychologists say normal, everyday stress — in the right dose and viewed through the right lens — can be helpful, pushing adolescents to grow beyond their limits and setting them up to thrive.

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    Ask any great performer on the field or stage, and they’ll tell you a healthy dose of stress is key to reaching peak performance — but too much of it can make you choke. Researchers say it’s often how a person interprets a high-pressure situation, rather than the load itself, that influences how they experience stress.

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