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Week 6, Term Two, 2019

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Citemaker is a digital referencing tool which equips students with the skills to reference any source type correctly so they can avoid plagiarism with confidence. Correct citation is a key element in academic discourse and Citemaker automates the process making sure all contributing sources are acknowledged appropriately.

The College has a subscription to this excellent resource and it is available to our students.

2019 - T2 - W6 - referencing

All of our Year 7 students were taken through Citemaker last week as part of their Scientific Inquiry unit and shown how to navigate the website enabling them to produce academic citations and export them into a bibliography. The solution is intelligent and easy to use, Citemaker automatically punctuates and organises the citations – saving hours of time when completing assignments.

Referencing is a skill that our students will carry with them to their future studies regardless of their chosen discipline. Acknowledging the work of others in our research reflects principled and knowledgeable behaviour, two key tenets of the Learner Profile.

We have put together some instructional videos on our library website and our Librarians are always available to assist with referencing inquiries.

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