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Week 9, Term Two, 2019

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Throughout Semester One, I have had the opportunity to participate in Clover Connect; where Somerset students (from Year 10 to 12) spend 30 minutes engaging with the primary school students of Clover Hill, improving their reading skills. Initially, I saw this as an opportunity to earn some CAS hours to complete my service requirement, but as I participated more and more times, I realised there is much more to this activity.

I was hoping to enhance both the verbal and comprehension skills for the students, but at the same time, I have also developed numerous skills.

I met Maverick, who is in Year 3, in the second week, and our bond became stronger as I participated in more sessions. I have always been delighted to see the joyfulness within his expressions every time I arrive. This has motivated me to wake up earlier every Wednesday so that I could read with him. That extra 30 minutes fills my day with more joy and gives me a strong sense of overwhelming achievement because I am helping his reading skills. The books are organised into different levels, and as we progressed through the semester, I have seen his vocabulary broaden and pronunciation improve significantly. I hope I have made some meaningful impacts to his education and life.

We had a lot of enjoyment every session and we will always end the session with what we called a ‘singing book’, where, as you might guess, instead of reading we sing it. Now this is the part where I learn from Maverick. Maverick is very talented in singing and he is able to come up with a tune as we ‘sing’ the book aloud. I have always enjoyed his beautiful singing and it is truly remarkable to see the joy he has on his expression.

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