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Week 8, Term Two 2017

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Sharing is Caring in a digital world (but only when you adhere to Australian Copyright Laws, attribute the creator and make sure you have obtained the work from a legitimate source). Simple, right!

I know the Creative Commons sounds like a community garden in San Francisco but it is actually a non-profit organization created to facilitate the sharing and use of creative works. Under the CC system, creators tell other people how their works can be used by marking it with a CC license. Increasingly as our patrons become the creators it is important to understand the boundaries when using, remixing, re-inventing re-anything someone else’s work. At the College we are covered by a bunch of licenses that allow our students to use images, film and more under the banner of “educational purposes”. However as the culture of entrepreneurship steams ahead and their creations go to market it is imperative that copyright has been adhered to.

2017 - T2 - W8 - Creative Commons

The CC is a great option to ensure no accidental infringements of copyright upset the aspiring startup dreams of our students. This is a place where students can source free images, text, music and audio visual resources and use them in their own work. Our Creative Commons Guide) steps students through the process of sourcing and using open source material whilst making sure they satisfy the attribution requirements. The Guide contains links to sites where they can obtain free music, images and video from legitimate sources free from fear of copyright infringement.

The good news is that Australia is currently considering legislative reform to modernise copyright law so it is more suited to the digital environment we operate in. Hallelujah to that!

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