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Week 3, Term Two, 2018

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We were delighted to have had the opportunity to attend the Somerset Cross Country Camp at Lennox Head! It’s safe to say that everyone was feeling a little sore going into the camp, having the House Cross Country Carnival two days prior, followed by APS Sport, however we soldiered through and had our very first run as soon as we arrived.

This run along the beach was the first of many to come, but not nearly the most gruelling. That came the next morning at 6.00am, when we ran eight-kilometres to the very top of Pat Morton Lookout. We weren’t sure if the rain made things easier or harder, but it certainly made it more interesting. As hard as it sounds, we did have some time to relax too, enjoying kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and swimming in the beautiful tea-tree water of Lake Ainsworth.

That night we loaded back up on carbs after two more tough runs around Lake Ainsworth and a circuit session at the campsite to prepare for our final day. The weather didn’t prevail and we were kept in rain on a cold morning to finish off our camp with a light two-kilometre run and a focus on goal setting and nutrition.

This camp was such an amazing experience as it showed the potential of our younger athletes, and how people back each other up to keep them going. We must thank Mrs McKenna for her dedication to the team and programme as well as Mr Sayer, Mrs Hodge and Miss Oppermann for making it happen and for running with us all the way. We have already told these amazing staff members that we’ll be back to assist at the 2019 camp as co-coaches.

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