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Week 2, Term One, 2018

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This week, we celebrated the Cum Laude Award recipients from Junior and Senior Schools for Semester Two 2017. The Cum Laude Awards were introduced in 2009 to recognise those students who achieved at the highest level in at least half of their subjects.

It is wonderful to see the numbers of students excelling on a day to day basis and being rewarded for their efforts.

The achievements of our students in their internal assessments have direct correlation to any external assessments, a validation of the professional capabilities of our teachers and curriculum leaders. It is no secret that our success year after year in QCE and NAPLAN is because of the culture of achievement and recognition we so cherish.

Our Academic Captains, Marc Eksteen and Grace Kennett, ran the Senior School Assembly in a timely fashion, negotiating the many names of the recipients superbly. It is a credit to all our students how quickly they settle to the New Year and its new tasks.

The Cum Laude Award recipients for Semester Two 2017 Years 6 to 11 are:

Year 6

Sofia Arase
Amy Barry
Nitika Bethi
Luca Capone
Megan Cattell
Hugo Chan
Yuvraj Chauhan
Joselene Chen
Sophie Darben
Max Deffenti
Jaime Dwyer
Ananya Garg
Tanya Hsieh
Mia Huang
Ruby Jay
Alice Jones
Phoenix Kyaw
Tatiana Leon
Benjamin Major
Ava McCarthy
Aditya Naik
Matthew Nickels
Ashlee Park
Lily Peters
Hannah Provenzano
Iona Radcliffe
Niamh Rogers
Luke Shirley
Belle Toohey
Rishi Veeramachaneni
Sophie Ward-Harvey
Sienna Zafeiropoulou

Year 7

Kaye Amores
Darcy Beynon
Nathalie Brown
Lauren Chan
Phoenix Chapman
Riley Davenport
Claudia Fann
Rory Fenelon
Anna Georgeson
Marc Hagan
Justin Hammett
Victoria Jones
Katherine Jordan
Thomas Kilmartin
Jason Li
Charlie Liu
Jorminna Ma
Jackson McMonagle
Angus Millar
Hugh Munro
Kobee Munro
Tanya Nagrani
Jessica Nguyen
Peter Osborne
Jorja Otto
Kade Reynoldson
Phoebe Ross
Nadia Von Pane
Ruben Yam

Year 8

Miku Adachi
Leigh Amores
William Barry
Mariella Bourke
Elisabeth Burrows
Bo-En (Vincent) Chen
Angus Cheung
Mitchell Cook
Emily Cosson
Chloe Cox
Thomas Dawson
Angela Fitzmaurice
Elizabeth Garratt
Momoe Gondo
Helena Hagan
Harrison Hall
Jacob Hall
Pippi Harris
Anna Hori
Roy Hsu
Joy Jeng
Hannah Kennedy
Ella Kirk
Soumia Lamont
Isabel Liu
Lain Luxford
Brianne Major
Chloe Ming
Camille Neighbour
Nikhil Patel
Giulia Provenzano
Kye Reynoldson
Sofia Smith
Patrick Sowerby
Nicholas Spegel
Lilliana Swainson
André Vasquez
Ellie Wang
Jinjin Wang
Jordon Webb
Emma Wilson
Nada Wilson
Maito Yamaguchi
Isabella Zafeiropoulou
Tris Zhou

Year 9

Dominic Bensley
Makayla Carkazis
Mohnish Chand
Ethan Chant
Desmond Chuah
Jenna Goldie
Naomi Gray
Alexandra Grgic
James Guy
Jack Hellier
Sarah-Anne Hornsey
Marcus Ibsen
Amy Jackson
Nikita Khatri
Tim Lee
Emma Lekich
Jack Luke-Paredi
Ava Luxford
Jacinta Mai
Lilly McCoomb
Anthony McKenna
Aaron Mitnovetsky
Katie O'Loughlin
Stevie Olarenshaw
Brooke Otto
Abhinay Panda
Georgina Powell
Joanne Ryu
Nina Varcoe
Chester Whiting
Arisa Yang
Jennifer Zhang

Year 10

Luisa Ardill-Walker
Vivi Baker
Ella Banic
Josie Chase
Jessica Cook
Kristen Crasto
Sara Dann
Ziggy Enoch
Stewart Ford
Shaurrya Gaind
Chloe Garrier
Sapumal Gunaruwan
Bella Harris
Brock Hudson
Joanne Joe
Mi-Jung Kim
Skylar Klease
Harry Ko
Zachary Lai
Louise Lee
Himman Lo
Montana MacFarlane
Ainsley McCarthy
Sophie Osborne
Aashish Prashanth
Mackenzie Quiggin
Zara Smith
Kevin Song
Matthew Sprague
Emanuelle Svoboda
Candice Taylor
Lilly Thompson
Vanessa Van
Twuiver Suarez
Katisha Webb
Julius Wright
Teleah Yuen

Year 11

Jason Adams
Sebastian Angliss-Li
Kirsty Brodbeck
Riley Cameron
Taylor Crooks
Ella Crough-Heaton
Erin Crough-Heaton
Kieran Derrick
Marc Eksteen
Alexandra Gerrard
Kurt Grgic
Manasi Guduri
Olivia Hammond
Jessica Jackson
Lillian Jia
Grace Kennett
Uni Kyeong
Oliver Leeder
Amy Luke-Paredi
Aidan McKeon
Aimée Mulvihill
Bella Mulvihill
Emilia Neve
Monique Nguyen
Chloe Oxnard
Katherine Plume
Alix Potter
Nadia Regli
Charlotte Roche
Scott Sang
Gwyneth Van Broekhuizen
James Walsh
Kevina Yau
Tiffany Yuen
Jason Zhang

The Class of 2018 had their Investiture today after their Investiture Dinner last night. The evening was enjoyed by the Senior Class who were presented with their ties by me and their Senior Jerseys by the Acting Year 12 Co-ordinator, Ms Jacinta Hyman (Class of 1998). Of course, the greatest gift was the presentation of the Year 12 badges to the Class of 2018 by the Class of 2030, the Preppies. A precious moment for both classes.

The Sport Facilities Precinct is hosting an Open Day – Your Spartan Experience on Saturday 3 February from 9.00am to 12.00pm. I hope you can join us at the Sports Precinct and learn more about the engagement opportunities available to students including:
• Somerset Spartans Basketball Club
• Spartan Cheer
• Somerset Performing Arts
• Mudgeeraba Spartans AFL
• Somerset Netball Academy
• Ignition Athletics Club
• Gardiner Chess
• Arakan Martial Arts
• City Coast Physio

Fitness Centre Orientations at 9.00am, 10.00am, and 11.00am Activities will include a jumping castle, face painting, AFL speccy mat, BBQ, drink.

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