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Debating Round Four Wrap-up




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Week 9, Term Two, 2019

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Short preparation debates continued this round, and it was the deciding debate for many teams. One such team was our Senior B division competitors, and their coach retells the gripping tale of their victory.

Needing to win their last debate to have a chance of staying in the competition, the Senior B team had to revert to Plan B on the afternoon of the debate and then later to Plan C as two of the team faced unforeseen circumstances. Unperturbed, and with a little bit of creative reorganisation, the team rose above adversity and then clutched victory from the jaws of defeat. The debate was “School leavers should have to take a compulsory gap year” and we were the affirmative team. With strong arguments and a carefully thought out case line the team of Tommy Xu, Shige Xu, James Guy and Alex Furrows came out on top over Hillcrest. -Andrew Wrigley, Senior B Coach

Highlighted are our teams who remain undefeated after four debates. Congratulations to all teams on their Round 4 efforts! At this stage, only a draft finals draw has been released. Will advise of finalist teams as soon as they are confirmed.


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