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Doeberl Cup Chess Tournament 2016




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Week 1,
Term Two, 2016

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On behalf of Gardiner Chess, Mr Doug Williams and myself, plus several parents took an enthusiastic group of Somerset College students to the famous Doeberl Cup Chess tournament at the Australian National University in Canberra over the Easter long weekend.

The unique atmosphere in the University College very much lends itself to serious chess play, and the students responded. The highlight for many students, especially the younger ones, was undoubtedly the lightning (blitz) tournament where each player has just 5 minutes to make all their moves. Having already played chess through the Saturday, the players, including the youngest, enjoyed the lightning event through to 11.00pm.

All players played in a section which ensured they played mainly players rated above themselves, and they all responded splendidly, with many wins against higher rated adults. The highlight for me was the way our three youngest players, Eason Wang, Melody Yang and Anon Qu responded, especially in regards to taking their time over moves.

Mr Williams taught the students a great deal during the four days, especially in regards to opening theory. He was ably assisted by Mr Michael D’Arcy, who coached even though he was also playing in the tournament.

Participating Somerset students were: James Kay, Kevin Song, Kabilan Manuneedhi, Mayuri Yamaguchi, Stephanie Kay, Hikaru Oka, Itsuki Oka, Charlie Liu, Jennifer Yeung, Lyanna Chan, Oliver Yang, Melody Yang, Eason Wang and Anson Qu.

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