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Week 10, Term One, 2020

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We are all experiencing a very different Easter this year. Oh, there’ll be chocolate and probably an Easter egg hunt in the yard or in the house but there was no Easter Bonnet Parade in the Great Hall last week, there will be no travel for holidays, no giant picnics on the beach or in the park, and no Church services.

While the change to this year's Easter celebrations may be disruptive and disappointing, it could be a good thing because it will give us time to reflect on what Easter is really about.

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Think about it, bunnies don't lay eggs, chickens do lay eggs but not chocolate ones, and eggs, bunnies, chickens and chocolate seem to have absolutely nothing to do with the story of Easter; that God loved the world, us, so much He gave his Son Jesus to die to save us. He stayed dead for three days then rose to show us the reality of new life. What an incredible thing!

So incredible, it has been re-told every year for 2000 years. It is a story that has a horrible beginning – the death of Jesus – but it has an amazing and wonderful ending, His resurrection and the promise of new life that it brings. It is an ending so wonderful that it cries out to be celebrated with much joy. That’s where the bunnies with chocolate eggs come in. They are not the Easter story, they are the celebration of the Easter story’s fabulous ending. So, as you munch on your chocolate, or carob, eggs take some time to think about the promise that has been made to you and the price of that promise.

There are two elements to the Easter story: to Christians, the absolute wonder that the Creator of the universe would make such a huge sacrifice to fix something we’ve done wrong. And to all of us, the underlying message that some circumstances in life call for huge sacrifices and if we make them and stay the course they do lead to a wonderful tomorrow.

So, let’s focus on the joy of that message of resurrection as we reach out over this holiday period to those who love us.

God bless you.

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