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Week 6,
Term Three, 2016

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Part of the College’s commitment to being eSmart, is supporting our students to be safe, smart and responsible online. Over the next few weeks we have presentations to all Year Levels, as well as the Brett Lee presentation to parents on Monday 29 August at 7.30pm in the Performing Arts Theatre.

eSmart week this year in early September is focused on continuing to raise awareness on cybersafety and also is about digital inclusion. The Internet has many great opportunities to research information, stay connected and be creative. There are also many challenges. Our focus is on starting the conversation young and continuing to invest in conversations, presentation and performances that allow our students to understand their responsibilities when online, the importance of their digital footprint and what they can do to help keep themselves safe.

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In short, our focus is on building their skills to be responsible digital citizens that understand the importance of behaving ethically online just as in the real world. Research shows that when other people are upstanders and not bystanders to any incidents, that we create a culture where cyberbullying does not thrive. The ability to look out for others and to have empathy are important characteristics that we seek to foster.

As part of this, we are also committed to offering sessions for parents to be kept up to date with the risks and strategies and knowledge to assist in supporting their children. Last year, over one hundred parents attended Brett Lee’s parent session and we received feedback from many that found the session invaluable, as well as those that indicated that they were sorry to have missed it.

As part of Brett’s day at Somerset College he will be speaking to Years 6 and 9 students and then he remains in the evening for a one hour parent session. Later in the year, Brett returns to speak to our Years 3, 4 and a specially tailored session for Year 12s.

The parent session is open to parents of students of all ages and will commence following the conclusion of the Junior School public speaking. Brett’s experience with the police in this area equips him with a unique perspective, and as a parent he understands the challenges and reality of that role as well.

If you haven’t heard Brett speak, I highly recommend his session. To RSVP, please click here and I look forward to seeing many of you on the night.

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