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Week 9, Term Three, 2017

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The group assembled at Runaway Bay Marina early on Monday morning, the week of camp, excited to finally be on Fisho 2017. In smaller groups we helped load the food, cooking utensils and of course the fishing rods onto the Water Taxi bound for South Stradbroke Island.

Travelling over on a perfect Gold Coast morning, we had a brilliant view of the Glitter Strip, which made it hard to resist a selfie or two. The group was reunited at Currigee, where the group’s teamwork was tested by shifting all of the camping equipment and bags to the base camp. We then spent most of the afternoon playing baseball, beach cricket and chilling in the playground. A few of the boys were able to throw in a line or two before dinner and Mr. Walther managed to catch a Flathead in the Broadwater to cap off a great start to camp.

The group was split into two for the deep sea fishing charter. Group 1 was woken at half-past five for a six o’clock departure. We were greeted by two real characters who took us out into the ocean, in the hope of catching dinner. The blokes who were running the charter began to catch baitfish like there was no tomorrow, seemingly catching hundreds in the space of a few minutes. Then the skipper of the boat demonstrated how to cast a line, again managing to catch a tuna with this cast, handing the rod to Mr. Walter to reel in the fish. Surely, it couldn’t be that easy… and surprise, surprise it wasn’t. Whilst we all managed to catch several fish, with Kyle leading the way with four, no one could match the opening catch of the day. Kyle and I were able to fish from the bow of the boat looking onto the Gold Coast skyline as we threw lines in. All of our group loved the four and a half hours we were deep see fishing. Where else would you rather be! The skill of MasterChef Solihin was on display, when the day’s catch was turned into a big pot of Laksa. Which was enjoyed around the campfire overlooking the brilliantly lit North end of the Gold Coast.

We were again woken early on Wednesday morning as Mr. Solihin tried to wake Group 2. Once they left, Group 1 had breakfast and walked across the island to the open beach. Again, more beach cricket and beach soccer were played, once we got back to the camp, Group 2 had arrived back from their deep sea fish. A large part of the afternoon was taken up by beach volleyball and more time spent in the playground. While we doing some fishing off the beach in front of the campsite, we spotted the second sailing group. Mr. Walther, Mr. Solihin and myself took the tinny out to say hello, dodgy outboard and all. Once we arrived back, we continued to fish. Although the ‘big one’ alluded us, several small fish were caught and released. Mr. Walter cooked his signature bouillabaisse to finish an amazing day and camp.

Finally, I would like to thank the 13 other boys as well as Mr. Walther and Mr. Solihin whose company and teamwork made Fisho 2017 so special and unforgettable.

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