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Week 8,
Term Four, 2016

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Each year the generosity of members of the Somerset Community enables the College Board to plan for the future with confidence. 2016 has been another successful year for the Foundation.

The three Funds operated by the Foundation enable families to choose which area of the College’s endeavours they wish to support.

2016 - T3 - W10 - Garden Party 2

The facilities available for use by our current students were, in part, made possible by the generosity of previous families. It is gratifying that families still wish to support this continued development of facilities by supporting the Foundation’s Building Fund. Others have chosen to provide opportunities for students, who would not have been able to attend Somerset to be a part of the Somerset Experience, by supporting the Scholarship Fund. Support for the Literary Fund again provides opportunities for families to enable students whose circumstance would not allow them to attend the Celebration of Literature to be a part of this signature event.

I thank all families who have supported the College by contributing to these Funds. For so many students your support has resulted in life changing experiences.

An example of how the supportive our community can be is the Biennial Foundation Garden Party. In October, over 120 guests were able to enjoy this wonderful event and raise nearly $50,000 for the Scholarship Fund. My thanks and the thanks of all those who will benefit from the funds raised for the Scholarship Fund go to Dr Annette Allen and the organising committee. This outstanding event was only possible because of Annette’s passion for the Fund.

The Foundation’s success is the result of the efforts of many. The College community thanks and pays tribute to the Foundation Committee who have supported me and the College this year.

  • Bede Young (Past Parent, Past P&F President, College Board Member)
  • Tony Hickey (Chair of Somerset College Board and Past Parent)
  • Craig Bassingthwaighte (Headmaster and Past Parent)
  • Terry Herbert (Deputy Chair of the College Board and Past Parent)
  • Mrs Louise Davidson (College Board Member and Past Parent)
  • Dr Annette Allen (Past Parent)
  • Dr Michael Brohier (Deputy Headmaster and Past Parent)
  • John Bacon (Dean of Admissions)

If you would like to be involved in the activities of the Foundation please do not hesitate to contact me.

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