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Week 2, Term Three, 2019

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Our 37th Founders’ Day was a wonderful celebration of the College’s past, present and future. Our Founders’ Day ceremony included inspirational addresses by the Chair of Board, Mr Tony Hickey OAM, and our College Captains, Kevin Song and Vivi Baker.

Our celebrations commenced with the Official Opening and Dedication of The Terry Herbert Foyer and The Suzanne Roberts Centre for Performing Arts. Our guests arrived to a beautiful performance on Piano by Himman Lo, Year 12 Franklin and with approximately 100 people in attendance. Our guests were treated to heartfelt words from our the Chair of the College Board, Mr Tony Hickey OAM, Performing Arts Captains, Ziggy Enoch and Bella Harris (Year 12 Laver and Veivers) and of course, Mr Herbert and Mrs Roberts. Guided tours of the new facilities were taken by several Year 12 students enabling our guests to view performances by Year 10 Drama students preparing for a Scenes Project in the Black Box; the Junior GCSSDF Play in Rehearsal; a Commercial Jazz Dance Class in the Theatre; Mr John Mitchell with Suzuki Strings which includes some of our youngest students; and the Senior String Quartet in rehearsal.

What a brilliant start to the day! We presented the Spirit of Somerset and Founders’ Day Awards amidst magnificent performances from the Concert Band and the Vocal Group. It was a perfect Gold Coast day to enjoy the traditional Founders’ Day activities, the All-Age Swimming Relay, the Steeplechase, the All-Age Running Relay, the Tug-o-War and the Courtyard Dash. Our Spartans shone as they competed or cheered – such wonderful traditions established to celebrate Founders’ Day. We could only continue to be amazed at the passion that Somerset produces.

Mr Hickey OAM reminded us of our humble beginnings and the dedicated and brave people who founded our great school and gave us the opportunity to thank three of the founders, who were in attendance, for their contributions; Mr John Aitkenhead, Mr Tony Cordner and Mrs Mary Rudkin and former Chairs, Mr Lex Bell, Dr Peter Brown.

While the students attended their House Lunch our invited guests attended the Official Opening of the newly completed Design Centre. Mr Hickey congratulated all involved in the creation of this magnificent facility. The Head of Department – Design, Mr Dallas O’Brien and two of our Year 11 Engineering students, Marcus Ibsen (Veivers) and Anica Moller (Starkey) told us that the new Design Centre will provide students with access to a plethora of impressive equipment, that will not only benefit quality of work but also fast-track the acquisition of skills required in a professional career. Our array of equipment now comprises of high precision 3D Scanners, 3D printers, high resolution tablet style computers, powerful laser cutters and industrial standard design software; just to name a few. Using this equipment, students will be able to reverse engineer, enhance existing products, sketch and design digitally as well as manipulate 3D worlds and environments. There is also an expanding robotics and internet of things with the addition of various peripherals.

Our guests, were again treated to personalised tours of the new facilities with demonstrations of Year 7 Design 3D printing phone charms to fit their client’s needs; Year 9 Digital working with programmable microcontrollers for wearable technology and Year 10 Digital developing a robotics solution with text-based coding in order to increase the scope and functionality of the capabilities for a robot.

The verandahs of The Smith Building, The Brown Building and The Arnison Building – all named for other magnificent servants – were perfect for a wonderful display of all things Somerset and the optimal vantage point for our littlest students. Our invited guests were able to view these Founders’ Day activities from the Terrace of the Design Centre. It truly had the atmosphere of a colosseum! Congratulations to the winning teams:

All Age Swimming Relay - Andrews

All Age Running Relay - Veivers


  • Junior Girls - Alexandra (Alex) Halloran (Starkey)
  • Junior Boys - Timothy Hornsey (Starkey)
  • Senior Girls - Charlotte Chant (Franklin)
  • Senior Boys - Nicholas Tan (Laver)
  • Overall Starkey


  • Infants - Andrews
  • Upper Junior School - Starkey
  • Senior School - Starkey

Courtyard Dash

Samuel Reeve - Veivers
Britney Ingr - Laver

The Spirit of Somerset Awards and Founders’ Day Awards are awarded for exceptional effort and commitment, which embodies those qualities that the College is proud to embrace. The recipients this year are:

Spirit of Somerset Community Award

Mrs Katie Norman

Spirit of Somerset Staff Award

Mr Paul Evans (Teacher – Senior School)

Spirit of Somerset Senior School Award

Lilly Thompson and Stewart Ford (Year 12 Franklin)

Founders’ Day Award

Phoebe Rogers and Ryan Longfield (Year 6 Veivers and Laver respectively)

Honours in Student Leadership are presented to Year 12 students who have demonstrated service and leadership at a level recognised and respected by staff and students this year were presented to:

Luisa Ardill-Walker (Starkey)
Samuel Dalton (Laver)
Maya Hobley (Veivers)
Montana MacFarlane (Franklin)
Bria Phillips (Andrews)
Mackenzie Quiggin (Veivers)
Lachlan Sowerby (Laver)

Another Founders’ Day tradition is to acknowledge and thank members of staff who have served the College for 20 years. This year we thank and congratulate Mr Jeff Grocott, Mr Greg Juniper, Mr John Mitchell, Mrs Annmarie Moy and Mr Brad Walker for their dedication and contribution to Somerset.

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