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Week 1,
Term One, 2017

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A very warm welcome and welcome back to 2017 for the Somerset Community. Over this week we had 200 new students begin their journey at the College and we certainly hope theirs will be as rewarding as ours. We started the year with a record enrolment of 1,510 from Pre-Prep to Year 12.

National Chess Team in Perth for the Australian Schools Teams Chess Championships.

On behalf of the College Board, I thank you for your continuing support of Somerset as we enter our 35th year.

We welcomed the following new staff:

  • Miss Heidy Barbera, Accounts Clerk
  • Miss Holly Blyth, Receptionist
  • Mr Damien Coleman, Head of Department – Business and Humanities
  • Mrs Alison Conyngham, Junior School – Learning Support
  • Mrs Anna D’Arcy, Assistant Head of Department – Performing Arts
  • Mrs Vicki Goodsell, Educational Psychologist
  • Mrs Katie Hodge, Senior School – Mathematics
  • Miss Elena Kariolis, Junior School – Year 1
  • Mrs Candice McKenna, Senior School – Humanities
  • Mr Matt McLaughlin, Senior School – Science
  • Mr Takunda Ndlovu, GAP Staff - Activities Assistant
  • Mrs Natalie Nugent, Junior School – Year 5
  • Mr Ryaed Owens, Senior School – Music
  • Miss Molly Ritson, AFL Intern – Sports Assistant
  • Mrs Jessica Ronaldson, Senior School – English
  • Miss Anna Sinclair, Administrative Assistant - Events
  • Mr Peter Singh, Senior School – Humanities
  • Miss Kate Webb, Senior School and APS/Hinterland Secretary; and

Welcome back to Mrs Karen Mackie, Ms Marie Morel, Miss Tracey Payne, Mr Dion Solihin, Mrs Kerrie-Anne Neary and Miss Tracy Williams.

There have been a number of changes to responsibilities this year:

  • Mrs Julia Collette, Administrator – Student Services
  • Mr Stuart Roberts, Administrative Assistant – Performing Arts
  • Mr Stephen Walther, IBDP Co-ordinator

Class of 2016 Academic Results

A complete summary of their outstanding results are available at but the highlights are as follows:

OP, Cohort of 118

  • 9 OP 1s, 8.33% of the
  • OP 1 to 2, 21.3%
  • OP 1 to 3, 26.9%
  • OP 1 to 5, 38.9%
  • OP 1 to 10, 76.9%
  • OP 1 to 15, 93.5%
  • A median OP of 7

IB Diploma, Cohort of 13

  • 44; 43; 39; 35; 34; 34; 32; 31; 31; 29; 29; 28; 25

An average of OP7 equivalent

This changes the key statistics for Year 12 Outcomes to:

  • 11 OP 1 = 9.09%
  • OP 1 to 3 = 26.45%
  • OP 1 to 5 = 39.67%
  • OP 1 to 10 = 78.51%
  • OP 1 to 15 = 94.21%

Tertiary Admission

As part of the changes we made three years ago to find alternative pathways, we had 28 students complete an external Business Diploma. This enabled them to be given a rank score equivalent to an OP 9 for tertiary entrance purposes.

  • Therefore, nearly 90% of our students were treated as OP1 to 10 for tertiary entrance purposes.
  • Likewise, with bonus points for other subjects (Languages and/or Maths C or Higher Level Maths), 19 % of the cohort were treated as OP 1s for tertiary entrance purposes in Queensland.
  • The most common OP score over the past 20 years continues to be an OP1. There is only one other school that could claim this.

I look forward to meeting all parents at the Parents' and Friends' Celebration of the New School Year - Welcome to 2017 on Friday 3 February 2016 from 6.30pm to 9.00pm in Towers Quad. This function is a wonderful opportunity for parents new to the College and those returning to meet each other and the staff.

Please make this highlight function a priority on your calendar!

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