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Week 7,
Term Two, 2016

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In a number of forums, our Facilities Manager, Mr Damian Flint, has reported on the growing subscription to and use of the new Fitness Centre, Courts and Track. There are over 800 registered members of Spartan Fitness who are variously huffing, puffing, running, rowing, lifting, stretching, cycling, Pilating, Zumbafying and Boxercising! (I’m mainly doing the first two!).

It has been most gratifying to see families engaged in using the new facilities, mothers and fathers beside sons and daughters. Even a Board Member or two has been spotted.

College Captains and Vice-Captains touring Parliament with Ros Bates MP and meeting the Deputy Leader of the Opposition.

Just this week we had the University of New Mexico Women’s Volleyball team hold a practice session on their tour down under.

From next Wednesday, I am delighted to tell you that the Gold Coast Titans National Youth Competition Under 20 team will be using our facilities one day a week as a trial for the rest of their season. It has always been our desire to provide high level elite training as an access part for our students. The Titans will use the Fitness Centre before training on the infield of the Track. I’m sure they would value your support as they chase a play-off spot.

This partnership with another of the Coast’s iconic brands will provide many opportunities for the students. The Titans share a similar expectation of excellence and it has been a pleasure to liaise with their administration and coaches.

I want to thank Mr Justin Miller, one of our Somerset dads and co-owner of RE/MAX Regency, who very generously gave his time and talents in producing virtual tours of the new facilities. Have a look at this link here, hit the play button, and see the Fitness Centre in its glory. This will count as a virtual workout if you so choose. Our thanks to Justin for taking the Spartan Fitness Centre to the world.

Senior School Counsellor

After feedback in last year’s Year 12 Exit Survey, this year’s Senior School Parent Survey, and discussion with the Class of 2016, we have decided to trial a Counsellor/Psychologist for one day a week starting next semester. Students will be referred through our Pastoral Team so that we can monitor flow but the sessions will be confidential unless agreed otherwise by the student. Dr Adrian Johnson and I will meet regularly with the Counsellor to see how the trial is progressing.

We see this as adding another string to the already strong bow that is Wellbeing at Somerset.

College Captains and Vice Captains Visit Queensland Parliament House

Our experience at Parliament House was incredibly interesting. A special thanks to Ms Ros Bates MP and Alex for giving us this amazing opportunity. Thank you for being so kind and generous with your time. It was fascinating to see Question Time, tour the chambers and meet some very important people. Thank you for making our visit very special and one that I won't forget.

- Olivia Bourne, College Captain

Thank you so much for inviting me along with the other College leaders to join you in parliament. It was such an extraordinary experience that we all really appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to organise. We all took a lot away from the experience and would also like to pass on our thanks to the rest of your team for their efforts. It was so interesting listening to the business of politics and how it is conducted in the House.

- Duncan Hossy, College Captain

Thank you for the incredible opportunity to visit the Queensland Parliament House. I think we would all agree that we have a new-found passion for politics! The only negative thing I could say is that it is unfortunate that the whole Year Level could not come! With many of us becoming adults this year and gaining the ability to vote, I believe it is essential for us to realise that there is a fascinating layer of politics below what the media portrays. For example, the media often illustrates politicians as self-interested (not that I ever believed this!), and yet the comparison to reality was incredible! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting some of them and discovering that they are incredibly hospitable, welcoming and willing to answer our numerous questions. In particular, Ms Ros Bates MP and her media advisor, Alex, did a wonderful job ensuring that we got the most of our parliament experience - we certainly felt as though we had been given the VIP package! Only the extraordinary Ros Bates could have given us the opportunity to meet and converse with the Speaker, Hon Peter Wellington, and the lovely Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Mrs Deborah Frecklington. A truly eye-opening experience which has left us fascinated by the world of politics, if not considering it as a venture ourselves!

I sincerely hope that the leaders of the Class of 2017 take as much from this experience as we did.

- Elizabeth Kay, College Vice-Captain

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