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Week 4, Term Three, 2018

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I was having a sleepover at my friend’s place during the summer holidays, when her mum took us to a sewing day. I thought to myself, "How fun? I’m going learn to sew, what will I make, perhaps an apron or reusable shopping bag?"

When we arrived the next morning at Day for Girls, I realised we were actually volunteering. Although, it was different to the volunteering days I’d been to. There was a production line with distinctive workstations and teams, assigned with different tasks to make packs which would be sent to girls in third world countries. We were making ‘Days for Girls’ kits.

These kits enable girls to carry on with daily life during their menstrual cycle. They provide a safer long-lasting alternative which reduces school drop-out rates. Since I am so reliant on the modern-day system of convenience and comfort that I have never considered the possibility of going without, I’ve had to wrap my head around the fact that in many places around the world, some of the most basic hygienic products are not available, preventing people to continue with their daily lives.

After the few hours that I spent on Saturday morning, I felt as though I had contributed to an incredibly worthwhile cause and collaborated on something that would have a positive impact on someone’s life.

One component of the kit is a small bar of soap. A piece of soap that you can often find in a hotel room. So, I would like to start a collection of soap. If you or your family are staying at a hotel, could you please gather the unused soap bars and bring them back to Senior Hub Reception.

Day for Girls meet quarterly on a Saturday morning, please contact Mrs Idy Chan on 0417942801 or if you would like more information or to become a volunteer. Alternatively, go to the Days for Girls website.

The next meetup will be August 25.

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