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Gold Coast High Schools Teams Chess - Round One




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Week 6,
Term One, 2016

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Round One of the Gold Coast High Schools Teams Chess was held in The Great Hall on Wednesday. There was an excellent turnout of 34 players from Somerset College in a field of 152.

Whilst the Somerset number one team, which on paper were the number one seeds, would be slightly disappointed in their third place, the highlight was the performance of several less heralded Somerset chess players.

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In A grade, the best performers were Kabilan Manuneedhi, Matthew Sprague, Hamish Khafaji and Marcus Ware, whilst in B Grade the best were Michael Blauberg, Jackson Fifield, Myles Turpie and Thomas Dawson.

A reminder that for the first time Somerset has a dedicated Chess room, upstairs in The Dr Peter Brown Building. The free club is open every lunchtime for all students from Years 1 to 12. There are many Somerset students learning chess each week. Students retain knowledge learned from chess lessons best when they reinforce this with regular games.

The new Queensland Junior Ratings List is just out. Best Somerset improvers were:

  • Eason Wang +82 (852) - 8th highest Queensland improver
  • Aarav Rawlley +73 (639) - 14th highest Queensland improver
  • James Kay +49 (1,658) - 24th highest Queensland improver

Lyanna Chan, Jennifer Yeung and Itsuki Oka are 1st, 2nd and 5th Under 12 girls in Queensland. Oliver Yang is currently 1st Under 10 Open, Eason Wang is 1st Under 8 Open, Hikaru Oka is 3rd Under 12 Open, James Kay is 5th Under 16 Open and Anson Qu is 5th Under 8 Open. Elizabeth Kay and Anneliese McConnell are 4th and 5th Under 18 Girls respectively.

Currently there are 2,581 students on the Queensland Junior Ratings List. Students are removed from the list if they are inactive for 18 months.

Next week we have Round One of the Gold Coast Primary Schools Teams Chess for the year.

For Results and Ratings, visit or "Like" us on Facebook here.

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