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Week 7, Term Two, 2019

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The 1st XI girls and boys have undertaken the Grassroots Football Course, 31 May. The Regional Development Officer from Football Gold Coast visited Somerset College to deliver the presentation.

The teams watched and listened to the structure from the FFA Miniroos Competitions. The students started thinking now as coaches and teachers as opposed to athletes or students. The most important message was that coaches and players need to have fun. Enjoy yourself during coaching and playing.

After 45 minutes spending time in the class the group moved outside for a practical part of the course. Here we created an environment where children from five to nine years were training. The students were taught practical games to use and learnt how to make a session fun and keep players excited.

The benefits for our students following the course is that they will have the opportunity to coach next year in the Spartans Football Club. Currently we have former student Cooper Jones Coaching the U7, Keita Emsden refereeing the U9 games and Casey Reynoldson and Harry McMaster coaching our APS Football teams.

We hope to extend our coaching staff next year with more former Spartans students.

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