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Week 8,
Term One, 2017

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There are many starving, under-privileged people that cannot afford to feed themselves or their family. Hayley's Cupboard assists these people and provides them with non-perishable food and other appliances such as toiletries.

Hayley's Cupboard is a charity that is located in Surfers Paradise at the Anglican Crisis Centre. Our purpose as volunteers for Hayley's Cupboard is that we want to make a difference in our community for the homeless. We have created an amazing team that have been helping out with either the collection of items, creating posters, assembly presentations or PR work.

The mission statement of Hayley's Cupboard is...
To implement the words of Jesus by:
...Feeding the hungry
...Clothing the naked
...Showing hospitality to strangers
....Caring for the needy
In a way that recognises an individual’s dignity,
and encourage their independence.

We are so thankful for the donations from the Junior school. It is incredible how much food we have collected already, it is quite clear that the under-privileged people will be beaming with pleasure. This Committee allowed us to see how lucky we are to be able to eat and to be healthy. Helping this charity gives us an opportunity that we definitely won't forget. Hayley's Cupboard was created by a young woman, Hayley. She was inspired to begin Hayley's Cupboard after watching the movie "Schindler's List". Hayley used all her money she had left from her wages as a waitress, she used it to gather a box of groceries and household items worth about $60. Hayley wasn't wealthy, she couldn't actually afford to give her money away but she enjoyed giving to the less fortunate.

Joining Hayley's Cupboard allowed me to understand how some people have to live their lives. Cold, hungry, homeless. This inspired me to help as much as I can to help such a wonderful cause to grow and help people who do not have as many privileges as we do. We have so much and we take it for granted not knowing that some people don't have nearly half of what we have.

We strongly believe that we have made a difference to several people’s lives with your kind contribution to our society. Over the past few weeks our committees have spoken at assembly, designed inspiring posters, and collected food every lunchtime. Over the past few weeks, we have come to the final realisation that being able to say that you helped and contributed to a important cause is much more rewarding then a material goal. "Over the past few weeks the best and most rewarding emotion I have experienced is being able to drag bags and bags of overflowing food up to the already full cupboard in the Year 7 area. The best sight I have been able to behold is all the stacked up tins and toiletries that will be later used to put a smile on someone's face. This experience will make me remember that the best things in life are when you get to see your hard work be made into something extraordinary, I will carry this message through the rest of my life."

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