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Week 4, Term One, 2018

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Starkey’s record-breaking win at the Inter-House Swimming Carnival was a triumphant victory; to say the least. The encouragement of each team-member, the determination of each swimmer and the incentive of a history-making opportunity saw us reach our goal of first place.

Starkey filled lanes and tried their absolute hardest at the Inter-House Swimming Carnival and it paid off. Starkey had never achieved first place in the Carnival in the history of the College.

This victory was a true team effort. For those who didn’t want to swim but swallowed their pride for the sake of Starkey House - this victory was because of them. For those with a love of swimming and competition who dived in as driven as eve - this victory was because of them. For those who couldn’t swim due to sickness or injury but gave their time getting people to race and supporting everyone all the way to the end - this victory was because of them. It was a true embodiment of what we stand for and promote in Starkey: “One House, One Team, One Starkey!”

Only with the House team of fantastically dedicated staff and students was this outcome even possible. Our unrelenting drive to be our individual and team best has positioned us to ensure that this is victory is just the beginning of a what will be a momentous 2018 for Starkey House.

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