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Week 5, Term One, 2018

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The House Plays Festival 2018 is shaping up to be an epic battle. This year we had 134 students audition to be a part of the Festival; congratulations to everyone who bravely entered the audition room, you should be so proud of your achievement!

The Directors had an extremely difficult decision to make when casting, and that is a credit to the depth of talent we have among our Year 7 to 12 students.

2018 - T1 - W5 - house plays

The Performing Arts building is a hive of activity as our House Play directors and casts are now busily refining their entries for the 2018 House Plays Festival.

The Andrews House Directors are Alexandra Gerrard and Olivia Hammond, and they are presenting Smells Like Impulse, a comedy exploring the stereotypes that exist within the schoolyard.

The Franklin House Directors are Jessica Jackson and Kevin Song, and they are working with Jinxed, a race against the clock set in a doctors waiting room, where characters have to deal with their issues as well do battle with a mob of bargain hunting shoppers.

The Laver House Directors are Sebastian Angliss-Li and Trudi Morris, and they are delving into Character Analysis, a play that explores the detective noir genre, with a slightly absurdist twist.

The Starkey House Directors are Vivi Baker and Aidan McKeon, and they are diving into The Invited Audience, this face paced comedy definitely proves the idea that anything can happen throughout a live performance!

The Veivers House Directors are Taylor Crooks and Lucas Stokes, and they are exploring Spaghetti Wars, a comedic drama that fuses Romeo and Juliet…. With pasta!

The House Plays Festival begins on Thursday 1 March and concludes on Friday 2 March (the adjudication performance). Both performances begin at 6.00pm and tickets are on sale through here .

Come along and support your House!

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