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Week 6, Term Four, 2017

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The Sustainable Spartans have been meeting regularly this term to discuss ideas on how Somerset can help our environment. One way is to have waste free lunchboxes – packed without packaging.

The Somerset Spartans will be raising awareness on the issue of sustainability at the Junior School Assembly in Week 7. A waste free lunchbox makes the most of the natural packaging of food (eg. peels, skins etc.) and by wrapping food in packaging that can be re-used or recycled (such as reusable containers) helps the environment. Having a waste free lunch benefits the environment by reducing packaging waste, which in turn reduces energy and resource use.

Waste-free lunches contain only items that are eaten, composted or recycled. They do not contain wrappers or packaging that will be thrown in the rubbish bin.

Great tips to be a Waste Free Warrior:

  • Sandwiches in a snug fit reusable container;

  • Snacks in a reusable container; and

  • Water, juice and other drinks in a resealable bottle.

The Sustainable Spartans encourage everyone in the Somerset Community to take the challenge of packing a lunchbox that is waste free.

Another project that Sustainable Spartans have undertaken is paper recycling in the Junior School. The result of the awareness raised has seen a reduction in landfill rubbish from each classroom. We are also looking into ways to address other wastes that we generate and recycling these.

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