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    Week 3, Term Four, 2018

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    In Term Three, all students in Years 7 to 10 and selected students from Years 11 and 12, participated in the University of New South Wales ICAS Mathematics Competition. Students from Somerset College achieved excellent results and those students whose achievements were outstanding were rewarded with Certificates of Merit, Credit, Distinction and High Distinction.

    In addition a number of passionate mathematics students in Year 12 participated in the Australian Mathematics Competition as well as ICAS.

    2018 - T4 - W3 - ICAS

    ICAS Results

    In Year 11 two students achieved the top scores in Queensland and were awarded the prestigious Medal for ICAS-Mathematics in recognition of their efforts. Congratulations to Kevin Song and Harry Ko. Kevin and Harry will be invited to a special ICAS medal presentation ceremony in Brisbane later this year.

    In total, eight students achieved scores in the top 1 per cent of both the state and nation and were awarded High Distinction certificates. We had 35 students achieve results in the top 6 per cent of the state and were awarded Distinction certificates. The names of these students appear below.

    High Distinction (Top 1% of Queensland and Australia)

    • In Year 7 - Ashlee Park and Tristan Song
    • In Year 8 - Kei Naito
    • In Year 9 - Chloe Ming
    • In Year 10 - Mohnish Chand and Clare Hong
    • In Year 11 - Harry Ko and Kevin Song

    Distinction (Top 6% of Queensland)

    • Year 7
      Isabella Ong, Max Deffenti, Aditya Naik, Helen Zhang, James Bindra, Tatiana Leon and Nikita Rubis

    • Year 8
      Daleep Bains, Charlie Liu, Nathalie Brown, Aaron Lim, Lauren Chan, Zhoumina Ma, Katherine Jordan, Amaani Bhasin, Vivian Song, Raffi Anderson, Shromm Gaind and Marc Hagan

    • Year 9
      Miku Adachi, Vincent Chen, Angus Cheung, Momo Gondo, Maito Yamaguchi, Anna Hori, Roy Hsu, Kevin Bao and Victor Schinasi

    • Year 10
      Desmond Chuah, James Guy, Marcus Ibsen, Alexander Krueger and Jack Hellier

    • Year 12
      Jason Zhang and Scott Sang

    Australian Mathematics Competition Results:

    In total, four students were awarded Distinction certificates and three students were awarded Credit certificates. One student achieved in the top 97 percentile rank and was awarded a High Distinction certificate.

    High Distinction Award

    Marc Eksteen (97th percentile rank)

    Distinction Award

    Kirsty Brodbeck
    Jason Zhang
    Scott Sang
    Kevina Yau

    Credit Award

    Jason Adams
    Grace Kennett
    Abby Roach

    I would like to recognise the participation of all students from Somerset College and congratulate them on their efforts and achievements.

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