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Inter-House Chess Competition 2016




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Week 4,
Term Three, 2016

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Last Friday both the Senior and Junior Inter-House Chess competitions were held in the chess room. There was a very enjoyable atmosphere, being a mix of intense concentration, and fun. Excellent sportsmanship was the order of the day.

In the Senior competition, Franklin House continued their domination, dropping just three draws and no defeats in 24 games.

  • Franklin: 8 Team Points, 22.5 Individual Points
  • Veivers: 5 Team Points, 12.5 Individual Points
  • Starkey: 4 Team Points, 11 Individual Points
  • Andrews: 3 Team Points, 10 Individual Points
  • Laver: 0 Team Points, 4 Individual Points

The winning team was James Kay, Kevin Song, Harrison McConnell, Matthew McConnell, Elizabeth Kay and Iwan Rogers – all seriously strong chess players. Others who put in particularly noteworthy performances included: Kabilan Manuneedhi, Jack Luke-Paredi, Hamish Khafaji, Sasha Von Papen, Frank Fei, Hilton Luscan, Berke Keles and Marcus Ware.

In the Junior competition, Veivers House retained their shield, although they were pushed by Andrews.

  • Veivers: 8 Team Points, 21 Individual Points
  • Andrews: 6 Team Points, 17 Individual Points
  • Franklin: 3 Team Points, 9.5 Individual Points
  • Laver: 3 Team Points, 9 Individual Points
  • Starkey: 0 Team Points, 2.5 Individual Points

The winning team was Jason Li, Lyanna Chan, Jennifer Yeung, Charlie Liu, Anson Qu, James Kirk, Kakeru Adachi, Xavier McMullen. Others to receive encouragement awards were Eason Wang, Kenny Ming, Oliver Yang, Melody Yang, Hayden Blackburn, Nikita Rubis, Hugh Munro and Sophie Ahern.

Thanks to Mr Shaun Curtis who did an excellent job as arbiter of both events.

Just a reminder that Chess is available as a co-curricular subject in Junior School and as an extra-curricular subject in Senior School. The free lunchtime club is open to all students every day in the chess room, which is located upstairs in The Brown Building. If you are interested in Somerset Chess, please ‘like’ the Somerset Chess Facebook page here.

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