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Week 7, Term Four, 2018

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In our busy lives, finding time to read matters and it turns out how many books you have in your house does as well. In a fascinating new research study, the more books you have in your house, translates into improved educational outcomes.

Surrounding ourselves with books at home has a positive relationship with educational outcomes, and not just with literacy as we might expect, but also numeracy and IT skills. The study, “…found the number of household books at age 16 had a direct positive relationship with literacy, numeracy and IT skill in later years – independent of how much tertiary study a person did, or how often they read as an adult.” (Zhou, 2018)

Previous studies have found similar, but this study has gone further and no matter what the study looked at, whether it was wealth, IQ, school grades, they found that books gave a positive advantage.

Having more books, even if you don’t read more, also improves educational outcomes.

Whichever way you look at it; books make a difference. Our children need to see us as adults reading and valuing making time in our lives for books and the positive influence they bring.

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