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Week 10, Term Two, 2018

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Somerset fielded a huge team of 92 students, in a mass of 433 students from schools across Gold Coast South at this term's Primary Chess Interschool Tournament. Term Two's tournament was held at St Andrews Lutheran College on Wednesday 13 June when, once again our superstars won the team ahead of King’s Christian College.

In the Premier division, our second team also did well, missing bronze by only half a point. Special congratulations to these outstanding performers: Kenny Ming (1st place, 6.5 points from 7 games), Raff Atia (2nd with 6), Eason Wang (third with 5.5), Anson Qu (seventh with 4.5) and Sophia Ahern (eigth with 4.5).

In A Division, Somerset 4 came equal second. Stand-out individuals were: Sasha Hanford (first from students in Gold Coast South region, 6), Kona Baldock (third from students in Gold Coast South region, 5.5), Advait Naik (=12th, 4.5), Amon Watanabe (4), Ken Wu (4), Denver Bannerman (4), Tyler Bethscheider (4).

Somerset also won team gold and silver in B Division. Congratulations to: Hugh Cromack (gold medal, 6/7), Darby Ross (silver medal, 6/7), Jacob Yuan (=fifth, 5), Alonso Espin (4.5), James Hartley (4.5).

Our team of Year 1s finished =first in C Division, and team Silver on count-back. A really special congratulations to these little future champions: Calen Tang and Elijah Hadikusimo (both =6th, 5.5/7), Alessandro Martinese (=10th, 5) and Edwin Zhang (3). Well done also to James Young (5.5), Harrison George (4.5), Edward Zhang (4.5), Liam Hartley (4.5), Caspar Crampton (4.5) and Michael Narizhniy (4.5).

Congratulations also to Adriana Smith (4.5) in D Division. Top-performers in E Division: Zhander Griffiths (silver, 6/7 in E), William Miller (5).

There are many upcoming events during the holidays: • Gold Coast Open (28 June to 2 July) – ideal for our strong players • Queensland Junior Championship (3 July to 6 July) – suitable for advanced and intermediate players • Winter Chess Camp (9 to 11 July and 12 July tournament day) – held at the Koala House, Somerset, and suitable for players of all levels

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