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Week 9, Term Two, 2019

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Laver House supports RizeUp; an organisation which is devoted to stamping out domestic and family violence by supporting families who have been affected. One of the ways that RizeUp provides support to families is by furnishing homes with donated items and equipping them with some essentials.

This makes their transition from a refuge into a new home possible and allows them to begin the process of healing. Often these families may have limited financial resources and so by doing this, they are less likely to feel as though they have to return to the family home for financial reasons.

A number of Laver House students, led by House Captains Kristen Crasto and Lachie Gallagher, were involved in setting up and running a sausage sizzle this week to raise funds to support this cause. Additionally, it was also great to see students from a variety of year levels having fun working together with a shared purpose.

I am very grateful to all of the students who volunteered their time to assist and to the large number of students in the wider college community, who just couldn’t resist a delicious snag and who were keen to show their support for RizeUp. We managed to raise a healthy sum, which will go towards the purchase of household essentials for these families in need.

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